Staci B

Staci is a wellness enthusiast, fueled by LOVE + POSITIVITY! She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Health Coach, with five years of teaching experience. Her holistic approach to fitness advocates that mental, physical and spiritual health are the keys to wholeness. She is ALLL about the FITmind. FITbody. FITspirit.

Always looking for more holistic ways to serve her clients, she is on her way to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist, merging mental and physical fitness practices at LOVEfitness. Her goals are to coach people into their best mental and physical health through active lifestyle training, therapy, mindful movement experiences -and do it with love.

LOVEfitness is the community through which she is able to provide customized, goal-oriented, fun fitness and wellness experiences for clients. She loves that this community is always growing and working with others equally passionate about promoting balance, acceptance and love for the mind, body and spirit.

Her belief is that well minds + well bodies help change lives, and have the power to reshape the world. Staci is always seeking to be apart of that change.


Becca Mayer

Becca is a certified yoga instructor with six years of teaching experience. She believes yoga is a healing tool for every person and every body—regardless of physical ability or experience.
Becca began her practice ten years ago for physical fitness, but with time, yoga became a tool for mental clarity and mindful action. Her teaching focuses on the yogic tenet of ahimsa or being kind to yourself and others. She uses poses, meditation, and breath work to help students listen to their bodies, focus the mind, and live in greater harmony with life's changes.

Becca received her yoga certification in 2013 from Organic Soul Yoga and her Ashtanga Primary Series teacher certification from David Swenson in 2015. She also studied Ashtanga Yoga with R. Saraswati Jois at the K. Pattahbi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Mysore, India in 2016 and 2017. While in Mysore, she studied Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras at the Anantha Research Foundation with Dr. M.A. Jayashree and Professor M. A. Narasimhan in Mysore, India.

When she is not teaching, she enjoys traveling, singing, cooking, exploring natural wonders, and cuddling her two cats, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Abbey Voss

Abbey is a Nashville native, where she currently resides with her hubby, two kids and 15 pets! If you’re into Guinea Pig, Turtle or Parakeet Yoga, she’s got you! She received her yoga teacher training through Core Power Yoga in 2019 and has been practicing yoga for five years.

She originally came to practicing yoga, simply to stretch. She was normally engaging in kickboxing and running but felt something missing from her workout. After trying her first class, she was hooked! Blown away by receiving more than a nice stretch, she found space to reconnect with herself and clarity on the mat that wasn’t available anywhere else in her life. Talk about POWER!

She continued practicing yoga for the freedom, strength, balance and flexibility she experienced through the mindful movements and that is what she plans to provide to you! Abbey is confident that her transformation and growth only continues as she shares her practice with others. She is so excited to share this newfound passion with as many people as possible. Get on the mat with Abbey!

Keralea Pollock

Keralea is a lifelong dancing QUEEN! She loves how at once it is both centering and freeing. Dance is pretty much her religion.

She believes in the power of shaking your booty! A certified Yoga Booty Ballet instructor, with goals to add Pilates and Barre to her teaching credentials.

She has been dancing since childhood, formally trained in Jazz, Ballet, Modern and Tap. Over the years she’s drawn inspiration from edgier, envelope-pushing styles like Voguing, Waacking, Burlesque, Pole, Hip Hop and Fosse.

Keralea has taught as a dance captain, choreographer and performed professionally in theatre and musicals in New York, Los Angeles, London and Canada. She joins us most recently from Los Angeles and has fallen in LOVE with the friendly faces of Music City, the mellow pace of life and the good ole southern vibes. Find your Sassy Sweat with Keralea!

The more connected you feel to your body, the sexier you feel. And, why shouldn’t you feel sexy? She helps facilitate that empowering feeling through fun, flirty dance-based workouts with inspiration drawing from Burlesque to Beyoncé.


Lauren Richards

Lauren is a certified yoga instructor. She completed her 200 hour teacher training through School Yoga Institute in the Sacred Valley of Peru in May 2019.

Through three weeks of ceremony and training and three weeks of solo backpacking through Peru, Lauren was able to peel back the layers that she felt both herself and society had placed upon her. She was immersed in not only the movement side of yoga, but also the spiritual side.

Lauren is not new to the holistic benefits of yoga practice! She’s true to it and has eight years of practice in the game. She began exploring yoga and spirituality during college in 2011. Her experiences of multiple cross country moves, along with heightened stress, intensified her practice and provided a way for her to return to her true self.

After three years of working in the corporate world, Lauren realized she wanted to dedicate her life to more purposeful, holistic work including helping others in the realm of providing wellness experiences. She comes to us from Upstate New York via Colorado and has decided to share her talents in Nashville.

She tapped into her energetic gifts of healing and holding space, and learned how to better love herself and is ready to share that love with YOU! Lauren is passionate about helping others find their light, self-love, happiness, vulnerability, peace, and most of all, themselves.


Julia Murray

Julia is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Science Association. She developed an avid interest in fitness after an injurious accident. Through years of rehabilitation and treatments, fitness gave her the opportunity to find physical strength and peace, allowing her to live the kind of life she loves.  

She specializes in bodyweight strength training, weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, HIIT, and spinal strengthening and movement training. Julia is currently studying for her ISSA certification in Nutrition and hopes to continue her education in spinal rehabilitation.

Julia spends most of her free time hiking, rock climbing and planning backpacking trips abroad. Not only does she LOVE fitness and promoting overall wellness, but she has also developed a career as a professional flutist performing with bands of all genres across Nashville. This girl will not be put in a box!

She received her Bachelor’s in Music Performance and Biology from the State University of New York Potsdam. She also studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nashville is so lucky to have Julia shine her light on our fitness community! Julia wants to spread the kind of love that fitness allows her to experience daily.


Kerry Sokolowski

Kerry became a steady practitioner of yoga in 2003.  In 2016, she completed her 200 hour teacher training.  Kerry feels that a practice should support your daily life and offers options and support for all.  Her classes are thoughtfully sequenced to engage the body, mind and spirit. Her classes are invigorating, uplifting and fun.  She strives for the student to find a peaceful, happier version of themselves at the end of class. She prides herself on being a nerd and forever learner in her yoga practice.