LOVEfitness is a fityoga community promoting health, wellness + self-acceptance through fun fitness, mindful movement + apparel!

Fitness is health.

Health is soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment.

LOVEfitness wants to help all our community members be sound and vigorous in mind, body + spirit!

We LOVEfit. We LIVEfit. We do all things with LOVE.

All activities are purposed for a FITmind. FITbody. FITspirit!


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Personal Training + Group Fitness Training offered


LOVEfitness encourages movement that challenges you, changes you and fuels you to be your best self.

Our goal is overall fitness + wellness. 





LOVEfitness started as a passion project...

by Staci Buford, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach.

Staci is a wellness enthusiast, fueled by LOVE + POSITIVITY. She's always had great interest in exercise, and decided to take that interest to a higher level in 2014, by becoming certified to coach people into their best health through active lifestyle training.

LOVEfitness is the brand and community under which she is able to provide customized, goal-oriented, fun fitness and wellness programs for clients. She loves that this community is growing to work with others who are equally passionate about promoting balance, acceptance and love for the body from within.

Well minds + well bodies help change lives, and have the power to reshape the world. LOVEfitness is always seeking to be apart of that change. We do everything WITH LOVE. 

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